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7 years Cancer Free

Prevention and aftercare

Are you looking for a plan to live healthier or to get better after a cancer diagnosis? 

This audio book and the e-book will help you to put your plans into practice step by step!

The nutrition guide by Austrian bestselling author Claudia Priewasser recommended by top European medical centers - now also available as an audio book bundle and as a helpful e-book at a special price - with many recipes and healthy smoothies!

Take advantage of the many tips of the author and start prevention today with cancer-inhibiting foods!

7 years Cancer Free - Prevention and aftercare / audio book MP3 + PDF

What This Nutrition Guide Has to Offer

7 years Cancer Free contains everything you could want to know about cancer-inhibiting foods.


Healthy nutrition is enormously important! Learn what the difference is between a "generally healthy" diet and a cancer-inhibiting diet.


Combinations make the difference! Include foods in your diet that reinforces each other in their effect.


Deciding on the right lifestyle and avoiding risk factors have a significant influence on your future health.


Nothing happens overnight. The author shows you how she has managed to change her eating and living habits step by step. You can do it!


Reduce your cancer risk by 20 to 30% and learn the important impact of exercise on your health.


Change your attitude and decide this very moment to do something for yourself and your health every day. 

"The book by Claudia Priewasser stands out above all because it is aimed at healthy people and those already suffering from cancer. Priewasser warns healthy people not to take the subject lightly and provides those affected with knowledge from the latest studies in order to prevent a relapse. After a brief introduction, she does not concentrate in the book on her course of the disease, but instead looks forward to an efficient nutrition and sports program that she implements herself on a daily basis. In her book, readers will find many useful, practice-oriented and easy-to-understand tips on cancer prevention."

Univ.- Prof. Dr. med. Ingrid Gerhard

About me

"My name is Claudia Priewasser. After my breast cancer in 2011, I made it my business to motivate people to lead healthier lifestyles and diets. I pass on my knowledge in the field of cancer-inhibiting foods in the form of my book projects." 

Claudia Priewasser

Your coach for cancer-inhibiting nutrition

7 years Cancer Free - Prevention and aftercare / audio book MP3 + PDF